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Instead of Helping

Instead of Helping

Today Acadia said, “Gah, just to do your review,” meaning my recap of Game of Thrones. (Thanks for your help, Rog.)

You know, Acadia, everything is not always about you. Sometimes I have other things to do besides writing recaps of shows everyone already watched. God. GOML.

For instance:


organizing closet

This was done before the laundry was, so that I could put it away in a nice organized closet that wouldn’t make me want to claw my eyes out.

doing laundry

I spent like $50 doing laundry. I washed every item of clothing, linen, towel, etc., I own. But it only took about 3 hours because laundromats are magic.

watching the americans

Maybe I should start writing about this too, and all the other shows I watch. Maybe I should become a full time TV critic. I’ll contact you with my salary and benefit requirements later today, Archibald (Acadia).


shopping at WF

On my lunch break even.

eating healthy

BNev told me my salad needed less salad when she saw this. LOL.

running tuesday

eating tacos

Note: Not my exact tacos. I didn’t take a photo of them.



running wednesday

Yeah, this is past tense and the other was current tense. I don’t care. GFY.


No, you pervs, that’s not me. How am I gonna take a photo of myself doing yoga? This is the woman whose videos I follow on YouTube. Her name is Adriene and she’s sweet and lovely, so don’t be jerks about it.

eating with yuppies

The food here was seriously so effing good I don’t even care that I was surrounded by yuppies. I almost cried.

eating ribs

Of note: before I ate the ribs, I also ate a Scotch egg and some kind of corn muffin and pulled pork and jalapeno jam concoction. Yes please, moar of this.


literally writing this

Literally, writing this post, right now. #someta I sweatergod, Acadia, leave me alone so I can write my GoT recap, FFS.


If you are on Google Plus, please always know you can look up the hashtag #insteadofhelping and find all the things I’m doing when I’m not helping with the Gallery.

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Jenn Martinelli

Don't let Acadia tell you he's the boss. I'm the real boss.


  1. Roger Sherman

    Isn’t it like Thursday? Isn’t a new GoT almost out? WTF?!?!?!?

  2. Roger Sherman

    Also, “Gah, just to your review” <– translation?

    • Cider

      FFS you monster, I fixed it.

  3. Cider

    Did you even read this post?

  4. BNev

    Bah ha ha ha ha ha ha

  5. Acadia Einstein

    This post is like an Adele song where you broke up with the Gallery and want it to know how well you are doing.

    Also, Whole Foods is a rip off you fool.

    • Cider

      No it’s not, you dunce. Do you even read your own site? Just checking. Does HTML work in this GD box?

      Acadia gets what he asked for that’s from August 2015. As in 9 months ago. GD it.

      Whole Foods is not a ripoff when you only buy select things there you asstard. I don’t buy my GD toilet paper at Whole Foods.

        • Cider

          Also links should be a different color that are easier to see FFS. That’s a link, my other reply.

  6. Sangfroid

    I know this is stupid but for my stalker database how do you start a run in one place and finish in another? Are you one of those sweaty people that goes into the first bar you come to on a run?

    • Cider

      For your stalker database: I don’t start the run at my front door, nor end it there. Because stalkers. I am capable of walking before and after my run.


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