The international stock exchange has a firm grip on the balls of the nations around the globe. It’s had it for about 80 years now and the fact that it is partially responsible for causing WWII didn’t give anybody anything to think about.

The fact that the last crash drove several countries (such unknown  mini-states as Greece, Portugal and Spain) into bankruptcy didn’t give anybody anything to think about.

Well it did. But nobody really understands the international stock exchange anymore, does he? Explain to me again, why exactly a French man dropping a friggin’ baguette would cause Microsoft to buy  a brewery. Exactly, none of this makes any sense.

But behold – the truth shall be revealed to y’all!

Well folks, there you have it. There is no deeper secret to it. It’s all just random madness.

But hey, that’s no problem, because all the people in charge of this madness do really care  for you and me and not for f***ing industry. Wait…wasn’t that the other way around? Well…I don’t know. You figure it out.