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Internet Trolls Threaten Women Off the Internet Part A Million

Internet Trolls Threaten Women Off the Internet Part A Million

This woman’s instagram account was nothing but positivity and light and goodness and joy.

Kelly Marie Tran has deleted her instagram account after targeted harassment on social media by “fans”.

Daisy Ridley had an opinion on the internet. Bros didn’t like it.

I didn’t know this, somehow, but Daisy Ridley has had to do the same, as well as seeking therapy, for the same reason (also mentioned in the above linked article).

Listen, “fanboys” of the world – I have some words for you. F***ing listen the f*** up.

  1. Star Wars isn’t real.
  2. Harassing women because you don’t like something about a movie they acted in is absolutely not OK.
  3. Harassing women because you don’t like their opinion about something (such as “people shouldn’t be shot to death in night clubs”) is also absolutely not OK.
  4. Let me add, harassing women or any people for any reason (with the exception of Nazis, which you should always harass and also punch) is not OK.
  5. Nobody owes you anything. Not your imagined perfect Star Wars movie. Not some kind of … I don’t know, apology for playing a character that you don’t like for god knows what inane reason? Nobody. Owes. You. Anything.
  6. I love Star Wars but I can’t stand a good portion of the alleged “fans”. Y’all need to grow up and get some kind of hobby and life outside of jerking off to rocketship fantasies.

And in conclusion, please go f*** the sun.

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  1. Andrew

    Another big thing that bothers me about these complete douchenozzles, outside of their disgusting treatment and views on women because that is what their attacks are really about, is their impact on the other fans that are not being colossal pieces of s***. My kids love Star Wars. Everyone in my family, myself, the wife, and three kids are all huge fans. If Kelly Marie Tran or Daisy Ridley were on the billing for a con we could get to, they would lose their minds from excitement. Then, all of a sudden they cancel because they can’t deal with the emotional stress or potentially very real threats that these disgusting people cause. Now my kids are broken hearted because they don’t get to meet two of their heroes. This is something that has happened, not to me personally but friends that are also fans, and it sucks. Actresses having to cancel their appearances because these hate-filled scum terrorize them and complete horses***. Not only are they doing harm to the emotional states of these women, making them feel hated or unsafe, but they’re hurting the people that support and admire those women. To take those moments away from the real fans and the actors and actresses that have worked so hard FOR those fans is completely ludicrous, abhorrent, and pathetic.

    Basically, those f***wits can lick each other’s a**h**** and die in a dumpster fire. F*** you, fanboys.


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