Acadia’s Note – I can’t have the midget in every post – it will break the Internet.  I need a smaller midget for Cornmeal.  Wait, what?

So we have a new guy.  Not since…the last new guy we had has there been so much fanfare about a new guy.  Who was the last new guy?  Maitland?  Well screw him!  Now we have Cornmeal and he’s really excited about being here.  Let’s take a look at this exchange he and I had just a little earlier.

Me: What’s your tag line?
Cornmeal: My butt itches?  I don’t know.
Cornmeal: How often do you want these things?
Me: whenever you feel like it.
Cornmeal: OK, didn’t know if you wanted it like on a certain day of the week or more than once a week or whatever.

See, I may have made a mistake there.  I think writers need boundaries.  I should have said like: “Yeah, you write one thing a day or more even if it totally sucks JUST LIKE I DO!  But instead I didn’t say anything.  But I did set up a little game for him.  See,  he has a post all ready to go.  And Vange set him up in WordPress.  Now all he has to do is figure out how to make the post.  His instructions are after the jump.

We want to play a game.

  1. No picture inserted into a post can be wider than 560 pixels or else it looks fucked up.
  2. Inserted sounds dirty.
  3. When I finish my dinner on Friday night I go into the office (not tree house) and write Friday Nineties.
  4. Your post, Cornmeal, needs to be put up somewhere between now and then.
  5. I don’t really have any consequences for failure to comply with number 4.
  6. No live loop videos.

Don’t disappoint me, Cornmeal.