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Iron Sky

So here’s something that sounds a little weird at first but really grows on you. The Nazis hid on the dark side of the moon in 1945. They probably missed the great Pink Floyd album but what do they care, right? Anyways, they built an army up there (what else?) and now they’re coming back for the rest of mankind.

Sounds legit? I guess that’s what some Finnish movie guys thought and so they turned this into a movie which will hit cinemas this summer. An interesting thing about this is the fact of crowd funding which, partially, financed this movie. And of course if you donated enough you could contribute something to the movie (in case it wouldn’t mess it up too much).  What would you have added? the trailer and freak out in joyful happiness, because the battle for earth is gonna get Nazi 😉

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  1. Acadia

    I would have added a Moon Cannon that shot the earth from the Moon. Think about it. How scared would you be of a moon cannon? Way scared.

    Im a little scared now.

  2. Instrument Of Torture

    true…but they bulit the “GötterdĂ€mmerung” and that blew out a huge chunk of the moon, just to get a good shoot at the earth…

    and if you bulit a moon cannon you need to be able to shoot at the earth, dont you? and the the earthlings would have seen the moon nazis….


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