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Is This Real Life?

Is This Real Life?

So on Tuesday this week, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hid in the bushes rather than answer questions from reporters on camera about 45’s firing of FBI Director Comey. First, please enjoy this amazing art made by our staff member Joey:

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Second, apparently the Washington Post, which is the paper that first broke this story, later made a point of clarifying that Sean Spicer was only “among” the bushes, not “in” the bushes.


Guys, is this even real life? Is this an important distinction we need to make? Is it really important how close he was to the bushes when he was literally hiding from reporters and shouting “turn off the lights!” and refusing to come out until cameras were turned off? I don’t think it is. But hey, you be the judge. 


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  1. lonebannanadotcom


    • Cider


  2. Catherine Morgan

    I really do feel for the guy. I’m pretty sure this shit show isn’t what he thought he was signing up for.

    • Cider

      I mean I’m sure he’d rather go back to his easter bunny days.

    • Bigscrod wants cake

      I initially felt a little bad for him, but then as time goes on, you had to realize that this was not going to be anything like the normal way grown-ups work. Not like they won’t all jump out to be consultants and make plenty of money when this eventually is over.

  3. The Hungry Dog's Lair (Martin Conterez)

    The “deer in headlights” look he got when he realized he didn’t study for the test made him actually think he was a deer. As a deer he got hungry and decided to grab a bite to eat. The bushes being the nearest thing, this suited him well.


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