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It might be like Lost!

Okay, so it won’t be like Lost. But, the title image in this Trailer for Shutter Island conjures up the image at least slightly. Shutter Island, the book by Dennis Lehane, is one of my favorites. For the last five years, I think I’ve read it once a year. It’s not an epic, amazing piece of literature like Lehane’s Given Day or even as well written as Gone Baby Gone.

But, when Lehane drops a little page turning, no thinkin’, thriller on you, shit is fun as hell. Based on the book and this trailer, I’m guessing that this is what will hit theaters come October 2nd. Scorsese is on it and since Lehane wrote the ending, this thing likely won’t fall apart like The Departed.

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  1. Acadia

    How come Scorsese gets hardons for young wiry actors and puts them in every movie he makes from then on? Is DiCaprio the new DeNiro?

    Is Scorsese racist? What about casting a fella whose name doesn’t end in a frigging vowel?

    Gay racist. That’s what he is.

  2. Maitland

    DiCaprio is a good actor, I think.

  3. Acadia

    Yeah,but that does not excuse the rest of the crimes Scorcese is committing in his head.

  4. ken armstrong

    I love this damn book. It kicked my readerly ass repeatedly. Why is the film taking so long? Why?

  5. Maitland

    tough to film when traveling to an island and the ferries keep breaking down and it keeps thunder storming.

  6. Joelle

    Mhmm… Leonardo DiCaprio.

    I used to be obsessed with him when Titanic came out.


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