Don’t believe me? OK, here are some articles you might want to check out then.

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Some highlights:

Space Junk/Space Debris: This has been on my radar for years. The “space junk” flying around up there is going so fast it will destroy anything else it hits. And we just keep leaving more behind. And it’s surrounding Earth. Good work, NASA. I recently gave you credit for being the only agency in the U.S. that knows how to get anything done. Well now I rescind that evaluation and give you an F- for trapping us here on our dying planet forever.

We’ve Already Destroyed the Oceans: I read an article maybe 10 years ago now (I think it was GOOD Magazine but I can’t find it – #thanksobama) about how we are severely over-fishing to the point where we’ve irretrievably effed up the whole balance of ocean life. Nevermind that we’ve literally destroyed the oceans by filling them with toxic garbage. So, since some very high percentage of the world depends on sea life to survive, we’re doomed. Related article.

Something called “The Big Rip”: The universe might just cease to exist all of a sudden one day, because dark matter. Cool, cool.

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What can you do about any of this? I don’t know, I’m not here to solve problems. I just report the news I don’t make it.