I know gas is expensive – but if you don’t do something fun this summer, you will regret it. And nothing says fun like a car trip to a place that is only marginally interesting. So here are some ideas to get you started!

Donner Party Memorial State Park – Truckee, CA.

The official site says: “Included in the museum are displays and information about one of the earliest pioneer wagon trains, the Donner Party, forced by circumstances to camp at the east end of Donner Lake in the winter of 1846-47, resulting in human suffering and loss of life.” But we know it was because they ate each other!

So head over there if checking out dioramas depicting sad settlers eyeing their falled comrades and imagining them as hot dogs sounds appealing!


I don’t know what else to say about this place. The name of the company sort of says it all. And on their home page they have clip art of: Three dogs, Two cats, a parrot, two rabbits and a duck. And they all seem to be alive. Sort of false advertising if you ask me.

Why is this a vacation spot? Because they give tours. TOURS! Monday through Friday, from 8-4. Get there!

Museum of Questionable Medical Devices – Minneapolis, MN

I don’t think I can say this better than they do: “Devious Displays of Quackery, Fraud, Deceit and Deception — the largest collection of medical chicanery and mayhem ever assembled under one roof !!!” Three exclamation points means business. Think about it. What would you pay more attention to? Oh!, Oh!!, or Oh!!!? You see my point. Plus, the pic on the right is of a: Prostate Gland Warmer. So score! I bet they let you try it. I pray they let you try it.

I am so doing this again – this country is messed up. HA!

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