How have you fared during the pandemic?

Knowing that death is to be greeted with a smile because we face her every day. Just knowing that tomorrow not promised and I want to be remembered for my work and LOVE FOR HORROR!!!

What’s been keeping you busy?

Co-Owner of The Vth Wall
Writer/ Co-Writer/Make-up for The Vth Column
Co-Host of the Horror&Hooch Podcast

What was your favorite piece of new horror media from the last year?

Gretel and Hansel

The thing about poison is that nothing in this big bad world tastes as sweet. – Holda

What are you looking forward to most in the horror community for 2021?

2021 is my opportunity to continuing to create and provide sick content for the community!!

What keeps from throwing in the towel when things get tough?

Breaking down my demons before they could devour me!!!

What projects do you have coming up?

Recording for Horror & Hooch Season 3 Episode 1
The Invasion of Nathalie: Co-Writer/Makeup

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