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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Back Together?

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck Back Together?

So I guess all wheels really DO turn because according to Radar Online J-Lo and Ben (we at the Gallery will call them: Blo) are all moony-eyed at each other again now.

In a shocking development that could certainly seal the deal on the death of Affleck’s marriage to Jennifer Garner, insiders told Radar that Affleck, 44, and Lopez, 47, are getting together again — and it’s not just to discuss their upcoming projects.

During one recent script meeting, “It was like they’d never split up,” an insider revealed.

Obviously Ben Affleck ran over a gypsy and didn’t stop right after Argo came out.  It took a while for the curse to take but now it is on with a vengeance.  On the other hand, maybe J-Lo is the one doling out the curses.  Look what happened to Ben last time those two were together!  It took him years to recover.  And she turned Marc Anthony into music’s most glamorous corpse!

But regardless of which supernatural force is behind it, it is safe to say that Ben might just well be doomed.  Like, to the point where he might call Kevin Smith and ask to be on Fatman on Batmanand get denied.   Run away from her, Ben.  And appease some gypsies just to make sure that’s not the source.  I hear they like flowy skirts.

On second thought – just become a gypsy, Ben.  You already have the money.  And nobody will ever ask you about Batman in the gypsy camp.  You could learn card tricks or pick pocketing or whatever it is they do for jobs, and this could be your wife!  Gotta be a better deal than Suicide Squad II, right?


And I’m a DC fan.  That’s how much I care.


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