After a long time and a few restraining orders, we here at the Gallery have finally gotten an interview with someone.  Jessi June, model and…um…political scientist? (I don’t frigging know) agreed to answer my questions.  Notice how I didn’t use any of those cutesy openings like “we caught up with…” or “Jessi June sat down with us…” gah I hate those.

I need a different way to describe how we at the gallery get interviews.  Right now the top two contenders are: “we blackmailed…” and “We saved an IM from…”.  So without further ado – read our interview.  It’s real!

SG: One a scale of 1 to 10, where 10 is Kate Upton and 1 is Gravylips Montego, how famous a model are you?

JJ: Maybe a 3, if I’m lucky? lol.  I don’t really try to gauge that ever.  To me, I’m never working hard enough, and theres always more I can do to get more work and to expand my boundaries on the business side of the industry.

SG: What’s your favorite modeling job so far?

JJ: The one where the photographer leaves on cloud nine. lol. I’ve had some awesome experiences, but one of my most memorable was when a photographer had put this huge set together, all the lighting, all the props, and it was his first time doing such a grandiose project.  He shot a couple shots, stopped, and almost had a tear in his eye he was SO happy with them… Those days are my favorite!

SG: I’ve seen you on Google Plus saying you are your own agent. Doesn’t that make you tired?

JJ: Yeah, its not the easiest thing in the world being your own manager own travel agent, own booker, promoter, sponsor, etc. lol.  BUT, keeping the extra 15-20% myself and learning all the real ins and outs should help me down the road…

SG: Do you like the interaction you get on Google Plus or do you prefer other outlets like Twitter?

JJ: GOOGLE +!!! Twitter to me is so useless.  Its fun to post pics, since they have no rules about it, but theres very few real conversations or real interaction that happens on there.  I use it, and enjoy just making my funny lil comments, but Google+ is the real deal.   I love the people, the interaction, the conversation, the sharing… everything!

SG: Tell us a good Internet creeper story. The creepier the better! But not sad.

JJ: This one guy with a website kept hunting me down to do an interview once… He wore a luchador mask, and was quite scary… lmao 😉  I haven’t had any actually bad experiences… I can generally weed out the creepers before they ever get a foot in the door.  (Editor’s note:  well played…)

SG: What are your goals (other than being on that is)?

JJ: I don’t know what my end goal is…. I’m here to make money right now, travel, and work my tush off.  I have a couple things in mind I’m exploring (like a foray into photography) or becoming a manager for some new models, but I have to see.  For now, I’m still just taking it day by day!

SG: Favorite Movie, TV Show and Website and why! (I snuck in a few extra questions in that one).

JJ: Movie: Dirty Dancing, because I’m a sap and I have a vagina!  TV show: House, because I love his assholeness, and think the show is just amazing!  Website: Google+/Modelmayhem:  I go to, engadget, mashable, and lots of others everyday, but for the most part, I actually enjoy being on these two the most.  I really do love my Google+ family thus far, and Modelmayhem has really helped me with my career…

SG: What’s your favorite part of Superficial Gallery? I’ll wait while you go to look at the site and find something.

JJ: The wait will be short.. THE WOMEN!!! lol.  As an openly bisexual woman, theres nothing better then sexy pics of sexy women.  I can’t wait to get some of these girls in front of my lens… I just hope I won’t be tempted to always jump in front of the camera with them! lol

SG: What’s next for you? Anything you want your new fans to do? Plug away!

JJ: My next conquest is Playboy, and Europe! lol.  I plan on getting on to the pages of the bunny, and next year, I will be touring Europe and Asia on my Around The World Tour.  After that, I’ll come back, and hit the US scene again, and see what happens from there!  

SG: On a scale of 1-10 10 being Frost/Nixon and 1 being me asking my neighbor what he did last night, how good is this interview? Add in anything you want!

JJ: I give it a 7!  Better then average, but for a superficial gallery, I expected more Sexual questions… this was actually insightful, and not superficial at all. lol.  😉

Hope you guys enjoy, and check me out on Google Plus @, or find me on every major social networking site!  *muah*

There you have it, folks.  Actual questions with intelligible answers.  And you thought we were a bunch of suckers.  Well, who’s the sucker now?  That’s right.  Someone else.