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Jessica Simpson Tongue

jessica-simpson-tongue-2I don’t care what Jessica Simpson is doing now.  Her reign as the undisputed hottest singer/reality tv star/movie actress that lasted about three years is the important thing here.  And the whole time she was sticking out her tongue.  Her sister, Ashlee Simpson, did the same thing but she was never as ravishing as Jessica.

And in case you think that Jessica wasn’t tongue…aware, check out this video and then the gallery after.  Hachi Machi!






Added 10 Jessica Simpson tongue pics – 06/18/17

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  1. rob

    A lot of the pictures are missing!!! That is super lame!! What happend to the site I knew and loved?

    • Acadia Einstein

      I don’t have my old partner but I’m. Working on getting it fixed. I’ll keep at it for you.


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