Charlotte McKinney looks sad in the banner pic and I look sad on my face as I type this.  Why?  Because there is too much frigging anger.  Hearing about that stupid geezer who shot up politicians this morning really made me sad.  Not for all of the stupid reasons that Twitter is going bananas over, and not for anything that has to do with politics.  And not anything to do with gun control (give everyone ten guns; I don’t care) either.

I am sad because all the terrible crap is drowning out what this site is supposed to be about.  Stuff like Batman, and Charlotte, and how hot Doutzen Kroes is (she was in Wonder Woman and holy wow she is 25% as pretty as Gal which is a lot), and movies and how I wanted to go see The Mummy but I forgot to.  And this conversation going on in the batcave:


So since I cannot fix the world (at least not all at once) I can at least make sure that the site is filled with nonsense.  We are making some changes that i am very sure you will like, but in the meantime I am just going to post a bunch of stupid pics from my downloads folder.  Starting with my message to all of you.

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