The one with the sandals is ruining it. I should have cropped her out.

I know there is some message board somewhere and probably a couple sites devoted to coveting Israeli soldier girls, but I’m thinking we can do better.  I mean, you can’t even worry too much about this being a “stop objectifying women” thing cause they have guns and could beat your wimpy ass to a pulp.  I’m thinking mandatory military service is a good idea for us now, too.

Then again, maybe it would wreck it if we did it.  I mean, aren’t we the fattest country in the world now, or second anyway, right after Texas?  We can’t have all those fat 18-20 year olds running around and training to be in the army.  It might make them skinny and/or responsible.  So forget it.  We will just leer at the Israeli girls.  But don’t blame me if we aren’t prepared when Texas attacks.

In conclusion, try as I might, I cannot work “Netanyahu” into a dirty joke.  I did, however, put it into my latest erotic Victorian novel.

Lady Shackleford slid her dainty hand into Cableberry’s riding trousers and grasped his turgid netanyahu.