Jill Clayburgh, the chick from Silver Streak and probably a bunch of other stuff that is “more important” and “Oscar nominated” died today at the age of 66.  Sixty six doesn’t seem that old.  I just wrote about Cher who is 64 and it doesn’t seem old at all.  That sort of worries me.  I live my life under the assumption that by the time I’m old, pills and robots will keep me alive indefinitely.  And not “lie in a bed with one of those breath accordions” alive but real, “run around dunking basketballs” alive.

Unfortunately for her and the family of Ms. Clayburgh, however, today’s science sucks it and pills and robots are still a ways off.  RIP, hot lady from Silver Streak.  You should still be alive, at least because Donald Sutherland is.  What is that guy, 100?