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Joanna Krupa – Does she have an old lady face?

Luckly I got the mosquito that landed on my cheek.

Luckly I got the mosquito that landed on my cheek.

This is Joanna Krupa.  She is a ‘Super” model.  I am not sure how one attains the title of ‘Super’ but I go by the fact that if I recognize their name, they most be super.  So it is sort of superfluous.  But anyway – she is a model and she was on that show Superstars and she bitched out Terrel Owens.  Please note how incredibly foulmouthed she is (it is awesome).

So we have 50 new pics of her.  Some of them have bare boobs in them, so if you are allergic to nipples, don’t look.  But if you DO look, then look at her face closely.  It sort of seems like she has an old lady head on top of a hot young lady body.  Which is better than the other way around, but still.  I think old lady parts and young lady parts should stay together on a per person basis.  Or maybe you think I am crazy and think her face is normal.  What do I know?  See for yourself.

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  1. Jeremy

    Um, way to put up a post that will get people fired, Acadia.

  2. Ballsack

    I like!

  3. Bring Back Pluto

    What old lady face??

  4. Nothing Wrong Here!

    You mean, her face is ageless? Give her 20 years – you’ll still recongise her. THAT is beauty.

  5. Pranksta

    I just saw pictures of her on Dancing with the Stars and I thought she was a nice looking older lady. I think she looks old in the face, no doubt! Maybe it’s been pulled around too many times already..


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