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Joanne Colan Leaving Rocketboom. *cries*

Yes Acadia, I mean you!

Yes Acadia, I mean you!

Joanne Colan is leaving Rocketboom. Who?  You say.  What, you say?  Well, Rocketboom is a daily video that is too earnest and ‘arty’ 24.3% of the time and talks about various plights in Kenya too much (downer) but the rest of the time is witty, clever and entertaining.  And the heart of the whole thing for me was Joanne.  She’s just so frigging cute all the damn time.  So now she is gonna get replaced and I am sad.

Now, Joanne is not the original anchor.  I never heard of the site until I subscribed through my Tivo, and that was when Joanne started.  Apprently, a bunch of nerds were all up in arms that the original anchor was gone and there was some big blah blah controversy but I didn’t care.  I had Joanne.  And now I don’t.  I am not mad.  Just sad. And I suppose I will have to try and pay attention to wherever she goes, unless it’s someplace stupid.

You can see the final episode with her in it here.  It’s a clip show, but they are all fantastically endearing, as is Joanne.  You can watch the hi def version here.  And if Joanne reads this, then hey, call me.  You can work here.  For free.  What a deal!

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  1. loolpooq

    never did watch rocketboom but knew she was popular

  2. Joelle

    Ah, I remember having to search out pics for her years ago. When the mine was in it’s wee stages. She will be missed.

  3. Hotspur

    Gotta love any pretty girl with a British accent. (Double bonus if it’s Scottish.)

  4. vettech

    Don’t you have an album of every shirt she ever wore on the show?


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