With the benefit of hindsight, maybe I should have done more when I found out a ten year old boy was anally raped by my employee. Also, with the benefit of hindsight, perhaps I should stop saying HINDsight.

All day today I have been hearing people defend him.  Saying that he “did what was required by law”.  And he has said he “might” retire?  Why is he getting a choice?  Let’s lay some things out.  Please do not remove from your mind the fact that this is about a 10 year old boy being held up against a wall and anally raped by a grown man.  This is not about a “kindly old man”.

  • That guy told the coach.  The next day.  Not the cops.  He told the coach.  I bet the 10 year old boy’s ass was still bleeding when they called old Joe.
  • Joe told “his boss”.  That was what he figured he was legally obliged to do.

And he never did another thing.  And the rapist kept working there.  The rapist kept his children’s charity going, too.  And the guy who didn’t stop the rape still works there to this day.

Did anyone ever check on the kid?  You know, the kid who got anally raped by a coach at Penn State and the staff and the school administration never did anything about it.  At all?  No?  And now they are considering letting him retire?  And people are defending this?  Because why?  He won a bunch of football games?

If someone came to you and said:  “I can make you the winningest coach in College Football history.  All you have to do is knowingly employ a child molester and not say a thing when that guy rapes kids in your locker room.”  Would you say yes?

If so, then let me come punch you in the face.  But if you answered no and still try to defend Joe Paterno, I’ll smash your face in.  And seriously.  The kid was 10 in 2002.  That means he is what, 19 now?  Is anyone helping him?

Can everyone who wants to help Joe Paterno kind of stop and make sure all the kids that Mr. Paterno’s employee destroyed have some help?  They are still young.  Think about them.  Think about how awesome it must have felt for a ten year old underprivileged kid when he found out he was going to get to go to the Penn State locker room?  Are you kidding me?  And then he got raped.  So seriously.  Stop talking about anything that can possibly defend anyone who let that guy stay at his job or around kids.

Don’t.  They should all be fired.  And then anally raped.  And then probably shot out of cannons.  And all the students who went to the coach’s house to support him should get expelled.  Ahh, they are just idiot kids so don’t expel them.  Just rape them.

Feel free to argue with me in the comments if you want.  I have yet to perfect my “punch you through the Internet” device.  So have at it.