Unexpected Results from a Bill O'Reilly poll on marijuana legalization.

Unexpected Results from a Bill O’Reilly poll on marijuana legalization.


Weed smokers have been screwing around with Bill O’Reilly’s polls. Bill and the other loud voices of the right love to talk about pajama wearing basement dwellers who do nothing but hang around collecting welfare and laughing at hard working Americans. My theory is that Bill smokes really good stuff, the kind you end up looking for directions to the lighter, and thought stoners wouldn’t be able to handle complex machinery like computers.
Being outraged when people other than your own reliable fans participate in an “impartial” process is a familiar conservative take. When black voters turn out that’s a Democratic conspiracy. If you think in a certain way, like those fans of O’Reilly who produce acceptable poll results, you start remembering that Blacks and Mexicans are the ones who smoke all the weed and it all fits into the grand conspiracy theory.

Most legitimate marijuana-opinion polls released in the last year by polling pros (Gallup and Pew) and major media outlets (Washington Post, CNN and ABC) do show the majority of Americans on the side of the pro-legalization movement.

Good drugs and bad drugs. It all gets confused in my head when the guys in shiny suits are pushing Oxycontin and Medical Cannabis on the same Doctor’s golfing holiday. Someone has figured out there’s a lot of money to be made from legal recreational drugs and it’s not your local dealer. Mom and Pop’s Grow Op isn’t ever going to show up on the stock market like Satori Resources (TSX:V.BUD, Stock Forum) or Jourdan Resources (TSX:V.JOR, Stock Forum). Mom and Pop are still going to get arrested just like old fashioned moonshiners.

I don’t really care if TSX:V.BUD or an actual grass roots movement sucker punched Bill O’Reilly. The war on drugs has been bad for America: It’s funding the militarization of the police. Cops with machine guns and tanks are not a good idea. It’s causing the proliferation of private prisons where poor people are a commodity only when locked up. It’s allowing crooked politicians to remove inconvenient votes with just an easy felony drug conviction. Most of all the moral indignation that fuels this war is powered by fundamental Christians. People who believe in all sorts of delusional things including that Reefer Madness is a documentary just shouldn’t be running the country.

George Washington grew hemp. Draw your own conclusions.