Dr. Mondo, Pee Wee Herman and JOOOOAN

So you might know that the Gallery is BFF’s with Jennybeans.net.  She writes fiction, and is a regular pod catter.  She is aces in my book.  UNTIL TODAY.  See, today she posted about her new story: “The Faerie’s Kiss.”  (please note that it is spelled the Dungeons and Dragons way and not the gay porn way) and I cannot read it.

Cause the woman’s name is Joan.

Now, nobody named Joan ever did me wrong.  I didn’t pee on Joan Osborne by mistake at Lilith Fair and get stabbed as a result and no, my mom is NOT named Joan.  The reason I cannot take the name Joan seriously is the clip below.  Cause of Dr. Mondo.  I hope you watch the clip (it gets really JOANie around the 1:50 mark) and then have to go to work and talk to someone named Joan.  I hope your name is Joan and you find people to say your name like Dr. Mondo does.  Or it could be that I’m the only person who thinks this clip is funny in which case go make your own blogspot and amuse yourself.  Jerk.  Vid after the jump!