I fill up my iPod with songs after I sync the podcasts which meant that last night I ended up listening to “Queen of Hearts” by Juice Newton.  I am sure that unless you are Gen X or older you have zero idea who she is, but I remember my mom listening to some of her songs and “Queen of Hearts” (written by Dave Edmunds because it seems like he was Prince before Prince and wrote a LOT of songs other people sang) is my favorite.

The video is ridiculous.  I mean ridiculous.  But it is also charming and Juice Newton gets props for country-rocking.  It is harder than regular rocking because country-rocker women have to rock but hold giant acoustic guitars and banjos and the like.

I look forward to your feedback.  If you are my prime demo you can relate your thoughts about Juice at the time.  And if you have never heard the song before, now’s your big chance.  2015 Juice Newton (and I) want to know!