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Justice League Trailer with Lots of Screen Caps

Justice League Trailer with Lots of Screen Caps

The Justice League trailer dropped today, on the one year anniversary of BvS.  Do they redeem themselves?  Well, let me show you first why I don’t do reaction videos.  This was me after I watched it.  That’s not family friendly at all!

Justice League Trailer 1

Now, I am not going to get into all the picky junk.  I will just do some bullet points of what I liked and didn’t like.

  • Song choice is on point.
  • Affleck is the best Batman we have ever had.
  • Snyder makes things look pretty.
  • Cyborg doesn’t need all that angley stuff like Transformers.
  • Showing Barry visiting his dad in jail made me happy.
  • They are making Wonder Woman the undisputed leader of this group until Supes comes back.
  • Aquaman is awesome.
  • Showing Mera was cool, and the shots of her and Aquaman swimming looked natural and interesting.
  • The Amazon / parademon battle looks pretty epic
  • I like Flash.
  • Giving the funny lines to the proven actors is a good move.
  • I wonder what Lois is doing there.

I have a ton more to say probably and I am really excited but I cannot and will not go down a rabbit hole of shot by shot nonsense.  Oh, except – there is one pic in the gallery below that is NOT from this trailer.  They purposely made us think that Bruce is on a horse going to get Aquaman in the snowy area.  But one of the shots, at least to me, looks more like where Superman’s Fortress of Solitude is.  Could it be the league trying to get the hologram Jor-El to tell them how to bring Supes back?  I guess we will find out!  Enjoy the pics and let me know what you think.


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  1. Sparks

    So my issue here is that Zack Snyder makes all of his movies look like they were filmed in front of a green screen while wearing sunglasses.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is a great trailer and I can’t wait to see the movie, but sometimes I wonder is Snyder conflates darkness with meaning.

  2. Sparks

    Just watched the trailer again with my daughter and all she could say, like 10x during the trailer, was how hot Aquaman was.

    So the 19-year-old young woman vote is locked in.


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