Kari Byron Pics

Acadia Einstein

Kari Byron holding a rocket

Kari Byron has been a staple of cable TV for more than 10 years now since becoming a cast member of Mythbusters.  Her red hair, welding skills and intelligent persona charmed the pants off of a whole generation of nerds.  And as the pics below will show you, she knows the difference between sexy and slutty.

She and her bros on the Mythbusters B-team got fired before last season so the two originators (Jamie and Adam) could do things themselves.  Which they promptly turned into a disaster and after this season it’s cancelled.  So Kari got a new show on the Travel Channel.  She can just keep on pretend-sciencing all she wants as far as I’m concerned!  Check out her site if you want to learn more (but our pics are better)

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