I don’t mean to do false advertising on this but the set of pics below does not feature Kate Beckinsale in the orange bikini.  They feature her in a different bikini with blonde hair and a giant hat.  There also might be one other random pic of her in a bikini but if there is it’s not my fault.  I don’t think this woman has any clothes.  I searched for Kate Beckinsale Bikini and for the first time in history I got a page with no porn in it.  It was JUST pics of Kate Beckinsale in bikinis.  She needs to be in a movie once in a while so she can bring the wardrobe home and have something else to wear.

Actually maybe that explains why she stopped making those vampire movies.  All that leather was probably pretty sweaty.  I have no idea if she has ever been in any other movies but I assume she must have been cause she has enough money to do nothing but go swimming every day.  Actually, It was just today that I found that her name isn’t Beckinsdale.  I don’t know what she did with that D that obviously belongs in her off-putting name, but based on her outfits she must be hiding it somewhere very intimate.