Kate Upton wants to Destroy Charlotte McKinney

Acadia Einstein

As we all know, we here at the gallery are fans of out official spokesmodel, Charlotte McKinney.  So when I find out that Kate Upton is pitching a fit and demanding to be on the cover of Sports Illustrated I automatically assume that she is trying to harm Charlotte.

Why?  Because all year we have seen the paparazzi following CharMac (that’s what I call her because we are tight and because typing ‘McKinney’ is hard) around and people putting her in movies while Kate has been…I dunno.  Somewhere else?  So she needs to make sure she asserts her dominance in the body and look type they share, according to reports from the set:

Sources tell us that an appearance by Upton — whose Rookie of the Year pictures in the mag in 2011 helped make her a star — is still up in the air because of her diva demands.

“There was drama,” says the source. “Kate demanded that if she did the shoot, that she absolutely must get the cover. She also had a list of photographers and hair and makeup people she would only work with.”

Apparently she is a “diva” now because she has been in some movies.  I had forgotten she had been in movies and I guess that’s what being famous is all about.  People follow CharMac around all day.  I am sure that Kate goes to the store or to basketball games.  How come nobody follows her around?  

Leave Charlotte alone, Kate Upton, you bully.  Charlotte is going to be in Baywatch!

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