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Katie Price (Jordan) Pics

Katie Price (Jordan) Pics

Katie Price in a swim suit

Katie Price Info

Katie Price, also known as Jordan, has been a staple of the internet for years.  If you check out her site now, she bills herself as a Business Woman, Model, Mother and Author.  She does not mention: WITH GIANT BOOBS but I think it is pretty clear it is implied.  She calls herself the “thinking man’s crumpet” which I don’t understand at all.  Mainly because I don’t know what a crumpet is.  I think the are served with tea but that’s doesn’t help me much.  Too British.  Like spelling check with a q.

Speaking of British, I am not sure how I feel about British models.  On the one hand, it seems like all those saucy Brits care about is big chests.  On the other hand, they have been a successful country for thousands of years so maybe they are on to something.  I am not personally a fan, but who am I to judge?  She is richer than I am so she must be doing something right.  So you go, Jordan!  And you go, too, readers!  Go look at those pics of Katie Price!

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