While she may only have one studio album out, Kim has two lovely EPs as well.
The first of which is this, the 31 Songs in 31 Days album. Writing, recording and producing 1 song a day for the entire month of January 2009, even taking requests for songs.

Starting with the beautiful song ‘Underwater’, a slow piano number that slowly build, singing about the viewpoint of an octopus who fell in love with and accidentally drowned a woman, only wishing to kiss her. While it may sound silly, it’s a gorgeous song.

Kim’s voice throughout the album is haunting, accompanied by her use of keys, accordion, guitar, synth and ukulele and other instruments. Her lyrics are sometimes fantastical, sometimes somber and sometimes moving. It’s a strong first showing for what will hopefully be a long and beautiful career.

Tracks of note are Underwater, Mannequin, Bicycle, All That I Have and End of The Line.

The ‘First The Bees…’ is a small, 5 track EP.

Starting off with The Organ Donor’s March, an upbeat accordion and percussion song about a heart transplant recipient’s life and thoughts about the donor’s gift (or sacrifice depending on view point). It continues through First The Bees, More and More, The Day We Met, and Hurts Like Hell.

The Day We Met is a particularly beautiful song, soft keys and near whispered vocals. Directly after is Hurts Like Hell, a very misleading title for an upbeat song about her desire to learn as much as she can about the world.

Tracks of note are, well, all of them. All 5 tracks on this EP are lovely.
The Impossible Girl is Kim’s first studio album, it is lovely.

Starting off with The Impossible Girl #1, music is only claps, the lyrics are wonderfully upbeat and fantastic.

Overall the album seems sporadic, but not in a bad way. Kim has a lot to say, and has many ways of saying it. Her range, from somber, dark songs, to fantastical upbeat tunes, to bluegrass songs about Sex, Drugs and Nuclear Physics, to slightly bluesy numbers like Big Easy, her music speaks to nearly everyone in one way or another. I can’t recommend buying this album more.

Tracks of note are The Impossible Girl parts #1, #2, #3, and #4, Rainbows and Unicorns, Stalker, Gypsy, Anyone At All and Big Easy.

You can find her album here. It’s only $5, though I’d suggest paying more (which you have the option to do). Help this wonderful woman keep making music.