Cosplay 14 of 31 Days of Halloween!! Kim Possible!! This is such a simple and recognizable cosplay, at least for us millennials, and it’s a very easy cheap cosplay to do!

Part One: Gear Up

For this look I only had to use a black turtleneck which I owned and a ginger wig that I also used for a few other cosplays. I paid around $20 bucks for the wig. I feel like if you’re doing the full look the cargo pants, belt, and boots could be easily thrifted!! I would say this could be achieved for under $50 and have clothing that’s wearable IRL.

Part Two: Glam Agent


For the makeup I started with my Tatcha Pore Minimizing Liquid Primer. It’s pricey and actually currently out of my budget but any primer you find at the drugstore with dimethicone as the main ingredient will do the trick.
For foundation I used Dior Forever Foundation in pale ass lowest number because the sun hates me. A good budget dupe would be L’Oreal True Match liquids in those cute little bottles that are stupid to get the product out of.
For concealer I used my Dior Forever pasty matching one, but a cheaper alternative would be Maybelinne Age Rewind….it’s so good. Make sure you cover your eyelids as well to apply a base for the eyeshadow.
For contouring I used bh cosmetics contour palette, I also used the white in there for some added highlighting.
Blush was Ace Beaute Blushed in Paradise Palette.


For eyeshadow I did some contouring with warm light neutrals from the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. The eyeliner on top was Kat Von D Trooper Liquid Liner and on the bottom was Stila Kajal fleshtone pencil on the water line. The eye-dea (eh?) is you want to look like a cartoon so think bright big eyes!
Finished with some mascara and false lashes. Brows were defined with Anastasia Browwiz giving a high arch.


Now the specific colors I used don’t matter but the idea is you want 2 warm toned neutral lip shades. The bottom lip should be a shade that is a lighter pink and the top one a much darker brown to mimic the character.

Overall this is a great cosplay that’s very easy and fun!!

Hope everyone got through turkey day safely!!….x0x0 Beta

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