So there is a town in Paraguay that apparently either is right next to a dump or it is a dump or it contains a dump.  Anyway there is this dump.  And instead of just busting bottles and looking for Playboys like I did when I went to the dump with my friends, these kids make musical instruments out of things.  And not stupid Fat Albert ones.  They make REAL instruments.

This is NOT them.

This is NOT them.

I couldn’t make a violin out of stuff I found at the dump unless the junk I found was a not-very-broken violin.  In a pinch maybe I could make a drum out of a bucket, but nothing like these kids do.  So if you were all sad about the way 2012 worked out, then take a look at this.  It’s hopeful, happy and the kind of thing that you want other people to see.  This is apparently a trailer for a movie they made about the kids.  Details here.

I don’t usually watch documentaries (or things in Spanish) but I will watch this.  In fact I think the only way this could be any better is if they learned to play the theme song from Sanford and Son.  Check it out and Happy New Year.