Alexander Skarsgard

Alexander Skarsgard and me, I mean Sookie, before they kiss.

Well, it’s official. Josh Gates has been knocked out of my number one spot and replaced with the Swedish hotness that is Alexander Skarsgard.

Josh, I apologize for this recent turn of events. If you want to blame anyone, blame The Beans since she’s the one that told me I just had to watch True Blood. And believe me, if The Beans tells you to do something, you better do it.

Anyway, last night I finally finished season three of True Blood. I began watching the show about two and a half weeks ago. I would have finished sooner, but there was work to be done and money to be made. I couldn’t just spend my entire day in front of my computer, drooling and having a coronary every time ASkars popped up on the screen. Although, a day spent like that is definitely on my bucket list.

As for what I thought about the show, well, it kicks the shit out of the books!!!

I’ve read almost all of the Sookie Stackhouse series, and they were okay. They aren’t the best books out there, but they aren’t the worst either. But the show, oh, the show….it’s in its own league. (Take that Twilight! Ya’ll suck in comparison. No pun intended.)

Seriously, the characters in the show are so much more developed and entertaining than they are in the books. I absolutely love Lafayette and Jessica, as well as the gullible Jason Stackhouse, whom you can’t help but love. I also LOVE Alcide. They couldn’t have picked a more perfect person to play that role. He just screams werewolf.

I am sad, though, that Bubba is not on the show. His character in the books was fantastic.

As for characters I loathe, Lorena takes the cake. WHAT A CRAZY BIOTCH! Maryanne Forrester was pretty bad too.

And finally, I can’t end this post without addressing the most important question out there today: Team Eric or Team Bill? TEAM ERIC FOR THE WIN!! (Sorry, Bill, but I think you’re a lying, manipulative cheat who deserves a kick in his vampire ass.)

For those of you who have not had the chance to enjoy ASkars in all his gorgeousness, here’s a video for you to enjoy.