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Castle Rock Episode 6 Quick Take

Hannah and Acadia give their first impressions of Episode 6 of Castle Rock: Filter.  And we finally unveil our Story Web thing so head to so you can see just how cool it is!!!!

Castle Rock Podcast – Episode 5 Quick Take

Hey there Gallery readers! Ready for a change of pace / face? Hope so, because it’s me, Hannah Selector, taking the helm on some Castle Rock Historical blogging for the future. Today, Acadia and I are back with our second”hot take” episode, discussing our initial...

Castle Rock TV Podcast – Special Checkpoint!

Hannah and Acadia head down to the basement of the Castle Rock Historical Society and go through everything we know so far with a fine toothed comb.  We plan on doing one of these every three episodes because there is a lot to cover and believe it or not, we missed...

Castle Rock Podcast Episode 3 – Local Color

Hannah and Acadia jump into episode 3 of Castle Rock and bring you analysis of everything from Molly’s Percoset Oddysey to the finer points of trying to get your client out of jail if all he does is say creepy cryptic things. And we point out the stuff from last episode we were totally wrong about. Oh, and we MIGHT discuss the bombs that get dropped on us. All that and just why is 90s Molly’s hair so greasy?


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