The other night we had our friends over to watch Walking Dead and in honor of what happened in the season premiere we planned on serving Popeye’s Chicken.  Get it?  POP EYE?  Well, even if you don’t, I am pretty sure that the number of times you have eaten Popeye’s (or any other fast food fried chicken for that matter) with a knife and fork is zero.  Well Mississippi lawyer Paul Newton Jr. was in the same boat you put yourself in on purpose.  No knife.  No fork!  Just a spork.  And wouldn’t you know it, he LITERALLY bit off more than he could chew and choked!  And then he decided he was going to sue them.

Newton said the only utensil he was given last November at the Gulfport restaurant was a spork. The lawsuit said that because Newton didn’t receive a plastic knife, his only option was to hold the piece of chicken with his hands and tear off pieces with his teeth, causing him to choke.

See why everyone hates lawyers?  Dude can’t control how far he opens his mouth so it’s Popeye’s fault?  What if someone gives him a drink with an ice cube in it?  The jokes are pretty endless, but this guy apparently did have to have emergency surgery to get the hunk of chicken out of his throat.  His lawsuit wanted damages and a new rule that Popeye’s give drive through customers knives.

But after public outrage and “extreme comments directed at him and his family” the lawyer has dropped the suit.  And you know, I am not sure that’s right, either.  Being able to file stupid lawsuits is part of the backbone of America.  And if big companies find out that they can whip up the Internet to bully people into not suing, you think they won’t try it?  

Remember the lady that sued McDonald’s because their coffee was hot and everyone made fun of her?  It was in 1992 and their was no Internet but basically everyone said some variation of “derh”.  But here are a few facts about that case I didn’t know until I looked them up for this story.

  • McDonald’s required its franchisees to have its coffee be between 180 and 190 degrees.
  • 190 degree coffee will cause 3rd degree burns in between 2-7 seconds.
  • McDonald’s refused to pay her $10,000 medical bills prior to the court case.  They offered $800.00
  • The jury awarded $2.7 million in punitive damages because that was how much McDonald’s made selling coffee every two days.
  • It was eventually dropped to less than $600k

So what do you think?  Are we too litigious a society or do we need to be able to sue without fear of public ridicule because the alternative is a lack of justice?  I know there are a lot of dumb lawsuits, but isn’t that for the courts to decide?  Sound off below!