Hello there, dear reader, welcome to this little review of mine.

First off, I am in no way a music critic, or even qualified to write this. (If I needed qualified people I would ask for them! — Ed) I am simply a music lover and writing about things I do or do not like, so keep that in mind.
LCD Soundsystem, I won’t give you a Wikipedia rundown of their history or anything, just get right into the music.

First off we have LCD Soundsystem (Self Title)

The album starts strong with Daft Punk Is Playing At My House (a personal favourite) and finishing with a brilliant dance number called Yr City’s A Sucker on the second disc. Is the album perfect, no, not by any means. For a first release though, it’s brilliant.

Favourite tracks from it are Daft Punk Is Playing At My House, Disco Infiltrator, Tribulations, Losing My Edge

Tracks you may want to avoid; Thrills and Tired.

I won’t do the rating system, because trying to give a numeric value to whether you like something or not is stupid. I’ll just say it’s more than worth giving it a listen.


The second album is Sound of Silver

Again, starting strong with Get Innocuous! and staying strong through the end, Sound of Silver is a damn fine album. While I don’t find it as good as the self-title there are four tracks that make any fault with the album moot, Someone Great, All My Friends, Sound of Silver and New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down.

I’m not a huge fan of Us v Them or Watch The Tapes, those are really what bring the entire album down for me, but the rest is strong.

Again, this is another you should give a listen to if you’re into dance music.



The final studio album we have is This Is Happening

Okay, so, there’s two words I have to sum this album up; Holy. Shit.

Good lord there is not a bad song on this. This album may be as close to perfect as possible. Starting off with Dance Yrself Clean, a brilliant track, and finishing with Throw (if you didn’t buy it through iTunes) this album is constantly strong.

Tracks of note are Dance Yrself Clean, You Wanted A Hit, Pow Pow and Drunk Girls. The transitions in Dance Yrself Clean alone are enough of a reason to buy it, let alone You Wanted A Hit. This is LCD Soundsystem’s strongest and final, and what a swan song.


There are a few non-studio remix/cover albums as well such as A Bunch of Stuff EP, Introns, 45:33, 45:33 [Remixes], as well as the single Bye Bye Bayou.

45:33 is particularly interesting because of the song by the same name. It is a 46:05 long remix and mix of new and old from the LCD Soundsystem library. I, personally, find it great to fall asleep to.

Overall, if you’re looking for something new, or you enjoy dance music, give LCD soundsystem a listen. You won’t regret it.

Here’s a sample for you to enjoy