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Lenny Kravitz – American Woman

Lenny Kravitz – American Woman

Ghost of Pop Culture Future:  Lennnyyy Kraaaaviiiiits….

Lenny Kravitz:  *rocks obliviously*

GOPCF:  Ten years from now this woman will write some books about this kid with a bow and arrow and political intrigue and dystopian society and murdering and what-not.

Lenny Kravitz:  *keeps rocking and thinks to himself: more like Heather DAMN!*

GOPCF:  Anyway…they will make movies out of these books and you will be in them for some reason.

Lenny Kravitz:  *Is not surprised by this news – keeps rocking*


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  1. Cider

    This post is amazing. ‘Murica.

  2. Jackie torrance

    I fucking love Lenny Kravitz. This song is a awesome cover!


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