It appears that a contestant on the horrific hot mess of a TV show The Bachelor (whatever sub-version it is, I don’t care), was raped in and next to a hot tub, by “the bachelor” himself, while an entire production crew stood by and did nothing.

So, because this explains it so so so clearly that I don’t think I can do better, here is a video on consent:

Now please, for the love of god, show this video to every single person you know who might have sex now, or ever in the future, and make sure they understand it, because it’s really very clear and simple.

I’d like to just add that if you are OBSERVING someone trying to pour tea down the throat of an unconscious person I assume you would stop them immediately and say “Why are you trying to drown this person by pouring tea down their throat? They are clearly unconscious, you monster!” Why on earth, then, production crew of this television program, did it take any of you more than one millisecond to step in and stop this awful event from transpiring? Shame on every last one of you.

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