It’s no secret I’ve been disgusted with people lately. Everyone seems to be mean as hell and getting meaner by the second. It’s a dark ride and if I meet one more happy smiling face that’s telling me I’m getting royally screwed I’m going to get a copy of Catcher in the Rye and walk around with a deranged look in my eye. So what’s stopping me? Funny little things like the Fremont Solstice parade in Seattle. It’s not just the cute people clad in nothing but paint riding their bicycles, it’s the idea that people can still be enthused about these silly things. It’s the summer of love before Charlie Manson showed up and that’s a good place to be even if I can’t live there.

Take the woman in the bicycle helmet for example I love that. She’s been told to wear her helmet so she does but she’s never fallen off her bike and experience road rash first hand so she’s happy to ride nude. She probably gets upset about people smoking near her outside but feels free to smoke unfiltered joints because they’re not cigarettes and they scored organic weed and organic is always good. It’s never going to cross her mind that someone is going to put her photo on a porn site because she lives in a safe world. I live in a cold climate and I’ve fallen off a real bike, one with a motor, so I wear leathers when I ride but just because I’m a miserable bastard doesn’t mean she has to be too.

So don’t paint a logo on your ass even Acadia pays you to advertize Superficial Gallery that way. Leave your Llama at home with the car and don’t play with fire and you’re welcome to join the parade.

Note the bicycle helmet

I don’t think that’s the Black Widow from Marvel Comics

See if I was sophisticated I’d put the Bangles song Walk Like an Egyptian here.

Nothing needs to be said about this guy. The flag loincloth alone has some conservative pundits fainting with indignation.

I’ve been trying to remember if white on the left or right was the ruling class and whether this guy actually knows he’s dressed like a Star Trek episode.