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Library book gets returned after 78 years by some do-gooder

Library book gets returned after 78 years by some do-gooder

Apparently our laws are garbage and there is no reason to even have them.  In Attleboro, MA this week, someone brought “The Young Lady at Home” by T.S. Arthur back to the library.  It had been checked out on November 21, 1938.

According to the story, the criminal who returned it claimed that he “found” it when he was cleaning out “his friend’s” basement.  I also assume he pretended to not be super old and the librarian totally fell for it.  Library deputy director Amy Rhilinger said:

the library staff thought it was “awesome” the book was returned even though it’s in terrible condition and can’t go back into circulation…

That’s the kind of thinking that will keep you as deputy director forever, Amy.  You need to go for the throat.  Fine on that book was $2,800.00.  We have a government that is trying really hard to take health care away from people who can’t pay for it.  What the hell do you think they are going to do if they find out people are giving away free books?

Ugh, seriously, though.  Now I am afraid that all the libraries will go away.  THIS POST WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HAPPY!


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