So this random, seemingly unimportant website published this very short writeup that seemed to be their attempt to examine the question “can you wear makeup and be a feminist?” seem very scholarly. It looks like they briefly summarized a paper written by someone on the ideas of makeup, beauty, and the purpose, and, well… they got dragged on Twitter. This is what I love about the internet. You go sweet Twitter warriors.

Click on the image to get directly to the tweet but here are some screenshots for your enjoyment:

This gif was employed, to good end:


Let me summarize this for you quickly, readers. You can be a feminist and do literally anything except oppress people, namely women. See how easy that is? You can wear makeup, you can not wear it. You can never shave, you can wax your entire body. You can be a mom and stay at home to care for your kids, you can be a mom and work full time, you can not be a mom. You can be straight, gay, trans, bi, you can never have sex because you don’t want to.

I hope this clears things up. You’re welcome.