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Locked – Intriguing

I mentioned this on Twitter last night, and I will say it here.  I got an email last night which is either a big fat joke or for some reason someone thinks we are a real website or something and can help be a part of their ‘viral’ marketing.  So for now, I am gonna play along cause I think it is cool.  Then again, I went to a message board for a while where people made superhero costumes, took pictures of themselves and made pretend superhero movies and I thought THAT was cool.  At least until I got all the way through the picture thread and realized I had looked at 74 pages of mostly dudes and not hot chicks.

This might be the same thing, but take a look and comment on the poster below.  I figure it has to be an Internet Movie or someone else would know about it or something.  I don’t think movies can be a secret.  Also – I don’t think it is completely centered right.  But it IS cool looking.  Anyway.  Discuss.

[singlepic id=404 w=320 h=240 float=center]

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  1. Jenny

    Hmm, this looks weird. Is there a website? I’m intrigued.

  2. Acadia

    @Jenny – There is no website and the email came from a gmail account, which is why it might be bunk. But they also said they were gonna send more stuff, so we will see.

  3. Hotspur

    I’m going to turn this into a pic you can use in the forum when you’ve had enough of someone’s bullshit.

  4. nipsy

    All I wanna know is this: how in the hell did you last through 3 pages of nothing but men let alone 74?? Is there something you need to let out of the bag? LOL


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