There’s nothing hidden in here. It’s just a creepy, bossy scientist telling you to drink their damn soda.

Advertising agencies work hard trying to make sure that their clients’ brands are recognized the world over.  Everyone is familiar with the Coke logo, or AT&T or Franklin’s Finest Instant Gravy.  Advertising works whether we like it or not.

But could it be that sometimes they are too clever for their own good.  Can a company spend a butt-load of money on a logo and then realize that it is so clever and subtle that nobody gets it?  Yes.  The pics after the jump will prove it.  At least they did to me.

You try guessing what’s hidden in the logos.  And because I am such a nice guy, I’m gonna give you one to get started.  One that’s bugged me for a long time.  Not because I can’t see it, but because I never saw it before.  Federal Express has a very familiar logo.  You know, the blue Fed and the orange Ex.  Everyone knows it.  but can you see the arrow?  If you can, then you will probably do pretty well on the rest of them.  If you can’t, I’ll give you a hint:  You are as stupid as me and you should feel really badly about yourself.

Where’s the arrow?

So there you go.  The arrow is over there.  Is it pointing at you?  At me?  At the Moxie guy?  Who knows?  And the ones after the jump are even harder.  I was gonna give you hints but then I remembered that time when I asked you for a hint.  Remember?  We were playing: Don’t lick the knife with the poison on it?  You didn’t have anything to say then, Internet.  So I don’t have anything to say now.  Also, who invented that game?  Licking a knife that isn’t poisoned is only marginally better!

Now get guessing after the jump!

Amazon Logo

There are two hidden things going on in the amazon logo.  If you get one, you score a 50!

Baskin Robbins Logo

Baskin Robbins Logo

What important aspect of their business is hidden in there?

Big Ten Logo

If you find out how many teams are in the Big Ten, then you might see this one.

Formula 1 Logo

Formula One Logo

This one is kind of lame and easy.

Milwaukee Brewers Logo

Milwaukeee Brewers Logo

The team sucks but their logo is clever.  The milwaukee brewers.  Yes.

Northwest Airlines Logo

Northwest Airlines Logo

This is another one with two things going on.  I guess if I were gonna give you a hint I would say the logo would be different if they were called Northeast Airlines.

Toblerone Chocolate Logo

toblerone logo

Squint for this one, like I do when I dance with your mom.

Tostitos Chips Logo

tostitos logo

Did you ever have someone over for a dipping party?

Hartford Whalers Logo

hartford whalers logo

I thought I would wrap up with an easy one.  If you don’t get this one, you really stink.  Sorry, you just do.