We made up a game in January 2009, Acadia and I did, and it was a long one.  A long ass game, that is.  A year long, to be very precise.  There are 365 clues and creating them and publishing them was rather a herculean feat. But, with teamwork and drudgery, we persevered to provide you an incredible and challenging game.  It ended on 1/4/2010; it’s been months that you’ve had all 365 clues.  You now need to unscramble the letters; once you do that, you will have the instructions on how to win the game.

And if you win?  You get your choice of $100.00 cash or a One Year Basic Netflix Membership.

Click Here or on the pic above to get the post with the clues.  There are a lot of them.  But get going:  you only have until Thursday, May 20th.  First one to get it wins!  THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!