It is possible we could have thought of a better title, but this about sums it up.  We are trying something I don’t think anyone else has ever tried and I am looking forward to all of you playing.  It could not be easier to play.  All you need is a little brain power and a lot of patience.  Here is how it works:

  1. Every day we post a letter or character from the SECRET MESSAGE;
  2. You write it down;
  3. When all the letters/characters have been revealed, you unscramble the letters;
  4. The unscrambled message will tell you what you need to do to win;
  5. First person to do it wins.

That’s it.  It does not get any easier than that.  Except that, well…there are 365 letters/characters in the message.  That’s why we called it Long Ass Game.  It will take a while.  But if you show up late, you can always catch up, because all the posts will be in one category.

And what’s the prize?  Well, it is hard to plan a year ahead, but at least know that the prize will be in line with the enormity of the game.  Have fun!