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Look at that roof!

Best thing to happen to tennis in years? Certainly.

This is the first time Wimbledon, a fairly big tennis tournament, has had a roof.

I was reading an article about this roof, and there is apparently controversy surrounding it.

One of the problems they seem to cite? It changes the weather conditions.

“It does change the conditions slightly (playing indoors) — for a start, there’s no wind.”

Why would they not look into this when they decided to create the roof?! For a start! What’s next? That there is no rain?!?! Maybe next the roof will prevent sunlight from coming in!?

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  1. Maitland

    No comments on this, but figured I’d add…

    heard some story where they closed the roof and then it went from tennis on tons of courts to just this one. So, they needed to exclude some and delay those matches. Apparently, they made their selections based on the hotness of the female tennis players.

    Fantastic Idea. Your move, WNBA.

  2. Joelle

    Next thing you know they will have air conditioned tennis courts.

    For shame.

  3. Hotspur

    If they want wind, just install some fucking fans. Stupid Limeys.

  4. Joelle

    They are just a whiney bunch.


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