So Superman died at the end of Batman v. Superman last year but I think most folks sort of knew that it wouldn’t stick.  You can’t keep your best player on the bench even if he did get killed by a giant, crappy looking monster.  So when Justice League comes out next week, it is going to be fun to see how they bring Clark back.  There are a million places on the Internet where you can go down rabbit holes about which comic line they will use, whether or not he will come back as a bad guy, etc.

Warner Brothers has been putting out motion posters for a few weeks and Supes finally got one.  Obviously I am excited about the movie coming up but if I’m honest, Superman was never my favorite character.  But even though he isn’t, I think Henry Cavill is a great Superman and I think he has not gotten enough good stuff to do.  Let’s hope his part in the movie is as good as his poster!  WHOOO!