Since tonight is LOST night and I am proving to some NAYSAYER that making pod cats is so easy that even I can do it, I decided to do one about Lost.  Kind of.  I mean, my “less than a minute” rule is pretty rough.  Especially since the stupid intro I made is like, 14 seconds long.  So in reality I only have…14 seconds less than a minute.  Minus one second.  Whatever.  I read the thread in the forum verbatim.  Oh, and if you didn’t watch last week’s Lost yet – Spoiler!  Homo!  Assface!

Should I make Pod Cats have their own category?  Tell me in the comments!  Jerks!  Oh, and sorry Naysayer, I forgot to put in the spooky music, but I’ll put it in the next one.  The one about your mom.