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Lost Recap non-roundtable

fuckin' abc

fuckin' abc

So, uh, yeah. Lost was absolutely not new last night.

In a loophole discovered by some asshole, ABC apparently figured they could sell us on like 15 straight weeks of new Lost episodes even if one of the episodes is just a clip show.

I definitely did not even attempt to watch last night, but, if you are more loyal to the Lost brand than I am, this would be a thread to discuss what they recapped. Which, I think it is safe to assume, was not much of relevance.

Fuck them.

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  1. vettech

    Well, given our national epidemic of ADD, and that most people can follow a plot with precisely the same degree of recollection as a goldfish… they probably thought they were (a) doing the viewers a favor (b) what was I saying…?

  2. Maitland

    ha, that is probably the case. But, then again, I accepted a while ago that I’m going to miss a lot, mainly just trying to follow the main plot, and I’ll put it all together once the series is complete and I rifle through the DVDs

  3. Acadia

    OK – as I was saying – it is all about the Bangles and Walk Like an Egyptian! All that Egypt stuff is coming. Ohhhhh, it is coming.

  4. Maitland

    All the cops in the donut shop say
    Ay oh wheeeeeeeeeeeeeey oh, ay oh wheeeeeeeeeeeey oh


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