Kate heard me, but she didn't see me.

LOST Spoilers in the comments – be warned.

OK, so I guess I can’t really spoil anything about tonight’s episode, but I’m sure I could probably whip out something that would wreck it for someone who hadn’t ever seen the show (or isn’t caught up).  Like: The girl in the banner pic is a dude and also she represents man’s inhumanity to man.  Yeah, I just bored myself with that, so instead of trying to do spoilers I will do predictions mixed with things that I haven’t shut up about for years that they haven’t answered yet.  See if you can see which is which!

  • Why did the Others’ stop being able to have babies?
  • How did people get summoned to the island before there were boats?  Did they get carried by whales or dropped from typhoons?
  • Why did the smoke monster kill the pilot and Eko but only try to drag Locke into a goddamn hole?
  • Jack’s broken backed wife is Juliet in sideways world.
  • What’s Dharma’s deal?  I mean, we know that the Hanso corporation was created by the Hanso guy to try to make super magnetized monkeys, but they didn’t need all that other Dharma shit for that.
  • How come the island didn’t heal Sawyer’s eyes?  Like, Rose gets her cancer cured but Sawyer can’t get his eyes fixed up?
  • Why did they get rid of all the non white candidates?  The new Jacob can’t be Korean or Iraqi?
  • Juliet?
  • How come the stewardess was so happy to be an Other?  Did the Others know who the candidates were?
  • Faraday was the guy who said “help me” in the Jacob cabin.
  • Now that we know the Man in Black is actually dead, who figured out that dirt and giant microphones would keep him away?  How did they practice?
  • If Penny had guys in Antarctica listening for the fucking blown up hatch, then what did she do when she found out?  “Not Penny’s Boat?”  How come nobody then said: where the fuck is Penny’s boat?

Anyway, I’m excited about where it will go from here, and I hope that Miles has to do something cool with a dead guy before they wrap it up.  Nothing dirty I guess, unless it’s dead Juliet.

And following lost, the finale of that show: V (starring Juliet).  I could not get into that show ad I didn’t see I through IV.