So Lucky Sherman is a true friend of the Gallery and now she is the official first entrant into the Costume Contest!  She also has a British accent so triple score.  After the jump are some more pics and some more info about Lucky.  And you better read it.  There WILL be a test!

The pics are after the links.  The links are good, though.  Click ’em.
A little more about me:
L.A. Sherman, author of Bengali Girls Don’t, grew up in Bradford, England where she learned how to sneak out of the house without making the door creak. At the age of fifteen, she was tricked into going to Bangladesh by her parents and forced to marry a man as old as her father. After four years there with a wicked mother-in-law, she won the visa lottery for America and moved to the Big Apple. Now hard at work on her second book, she lives in Tampa, Florida with her family near a pond full of gators and spends her time doing all the things that Bengali girls don’t.