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Dead by Daylight: AHS Edition

Dead by Daylight: AHS Edition

What’s up friends, long time no see! Between the holidays and moving, things have been hectic for me, but never fear I am back! While browsing through Reddit, I came across an interesting post – Madison Montgomery as a survivor on Dead by Daylight. At first I thought I’d missed out on an awesome one time perk – an AHS character as a survivor? Once I realized it was a hypothetical, it got me wondering – what would it be like if DbD did have an AHS edition? Let’s explore.

For those of you that don’t play the ever exciting Dead by Daylight game, I urge you to check it out immediately. It’s a game of skill and strategy – where you can put your primal survival skills to test or live out your villainous fantasy. Our very own Acadia Einstein is a pro at this game – and he taught me all I know. So blame him if I don’t know much. Check out Acadia’s mad skills below (skip to 36:06 for the best part):

Frank Brick’s Fate

What is Dead by Daylight?

In the game you can either play from the vantage point of a scary killer on the loose and try to rack up as many survivors as possible, or you can play as a survivor and try to escape the killer. As a survivor you must fix generators in your respective field in order to open the two escape routes and beat the killer. You must have five operational generators to unlock a door. If you choose the killer route beware – your mission is to gather the survivors and hang them from meat hooks to prevent any from escape. But these survivors can use their perks to outsmart you at any time.

In this rather humorous post on Reddit, the OP took our favorite AHS badass bitch, Madison, and made her into a survivor. Survivors have perks that allow them to be able to outsmart the killer and achieve their goals to escape safely. In the below info-graphic, you can see Madison has some trademark perks sure to outwit even the deadliest killer. 

Madison Montgomery – A True Survivor?

In my  humble opinion, Madison would definitely give the killer a run for their money. Her crotchless panties help her move with ease and her surprise attack will leave anyone confused – have you seen the last of her? But beware, if you are using Madison as your survivor avatar, her obsession perk wears off and you find yourself back in retail hell via the meat hook. 

What do you think of this fan fiction rendering of Madison as a survivor in DbD? Would you choose her based on these perks? If Madison ain’t your bag, baby, which AHS character would you like to see as a special survivor? What powers would that character have? Subscribe to Superficial Gallery’s YouTube channel and select the notifications icon to get reminders when we stream our games. Also remember to sign up for Superficial Gallery’s alerts so you can stay up to date on all things horrific. Catch ya later, hopefully not on a hook!

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  1. Jane

    I kind of wish I had watched this show so I could fully appreciate this. It seems kind of amazing, honestly.

  2. Jenn Martinelli

    Oh, I didn’t know someone captured my personality and put it in AHS. I’m going to ask for some royalties.


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